Sony Ericsson to open up Timescape and Mediascape UX apps

No sooner has Sony Ericsson released the attractive X10 Xperia mobile phone then it announces that the two star apps featured on the UX operating system, Timescape and Mediascape,  will be opened up to developers. Software development Kits (SDK) are to be released for both apps during the new year.


The company also admitted to the Electric Pig website that it intends to port the UX OS to other devices over its Symbian and Android portfolio - including the new Kurara?


"We are keen to open up the APIs for these applications, and we welcome a dialog with developers to get ideas and feedback, with a view to launching a Sony Ericsson SDK in early 2010," said the company.


Timescape, a management program, "manages all your communications with one person in one place. Browse through your check out your Facebook, Twitter, photos, emails and texts all in one go." whilst Mediascape allows you to, "...get all the music, photos and videos you want from your favourite friends and artists. It accesses content from everywhere - your phone, YouTube, PlayNow - and presents everything for you."


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