Ribbit Mobile sends incoming calls to any phone

Everyone keeps talking about how important this 'cloud' in the internet is, and here's more proof - BT is launching Ribbit Mobile, a service that lets you route calls to your mobile through an online server (or cloud) and down to any other phone you want - landline, VoIP-enabled (such as a Skype-phone), or even to an online voice account like Skype, GTalk or MSN so you can speak via your PC's mic.


It means you can throw calls from a mobile to wherever location you're likely to be - in a country where you pay for incoming calls, this means savings, in the UK, it means being even more reachable without having to give out home/office numbers. Either way, it beats having to wade through um-laden voicemails of people who didn't have the decency to prepare their little speech.


But don't worry, you'll also be able to manage your voicemails through the server if you choose not to take calls. Ribbit will send voicemails to your chosen phone(s) as well as transcribe them and send as SMS, email or messages to GTalk/MSN. Yes, yes, there was that whole Spinvox debacle, but apparently, Ribbit will offer the choice to have it machine transcribed for privacy's sake or 'human-assisted' for 'increased accuracy'.


There are also several desktop widgets that let you send SMSes and listen to voicemail from your PC, usable now.


Ribbit Mobile is now open for beta invites, and will officially launch in Q1 of 2010. Sign up to be included in the free beta here.

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