Vuzix unveils new video eyewear

While more and more people have begun watching videos on their mobile devices many still complain about the size of the display - watching a two hour movie on a three-inch screen can put a strain on your peepers. Vuzix is aiming to counter this with their new range of sunglasses-styled Wrap video eyewear. Compatible with more than 100 mobile devices with video-out capability, consumers can also hook the devices up to DVD players, PCs and games consoles, while Vuzix's eyewear can also play 3D content for an even more futuristic experience.


Vuzix has unveiled three versions of the Wrap all with a varying degree of screen size and of course price. The Wrap 230 boasts a 44-inch display at a cost of £129.99, the Wrap 280 a 52-inch screen costing £179.99 and finally the Wrap 920 which sports a 67-inch widescreen display at a cost of £249.99. Both the Wrap 230 and 280 feature a QVGA display while the Wrap 920 offers a superior VGA display.


The Vuzix Video Eyewear is available from

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