Next-gen Apple iPhone 4G?

It's not a day without an iPhone rumour, and this one's yummier than most - a Chinese retailer has leaked details of a new iPhone, iPhone 4 which should be a big step up from iPhone 3G/S.


The leak, reported by Gizmodo, shows a midboard, the bit separating the motherboard and screen, about the size and shape of one that would be in an iPhone. This midboard apparently makes up part of the new iPhone.The retailer, China Ontrade, said the phone itself had a new design with 'an amazingly beautiful' back.


Apparently this information came via Foxconn, a company that manufactures Apple parts. However, the dates don't quite add up, as you'd expect a new iPhone to be announced at least a year from the last one, i.e, next summer, but that would mean Foxconn managed to get hold a part way before the product launch. Leaks from Foxconn have been correct before, so maybe, perhaps, possibly... 


Of course, if you just can't wait, Orange's slightly cheaper iPhone 3G and 3GS tariffs will be available well in time for Christmas.

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