Radiation-free handsfree calls

There's been a debate for many years now as to the dangers of regular use of mobile phones, with supposed links to headaches, brain tumours and cancer. A new headset has been unveiled that claims to reduce possible radiation to a bear minimum thus removing any doubt. The RF3 Anti-Radiation Headset works by sending sound from your ear to your mobile phone via an air-tube rather than a wire. This in turn reduces SAR (specific absorption rate) to near untraceable levels.


The RF3 Anti-Radiation Headset works with all mobile handsets by simply plugging into the phones port. Customers need to specify online the type of phone they have and they will in turn receive the correct headset. There is also an over-the-ear hook for added comfort and assuredness.


Both versions are available from www.natural-alternative-products.co.uk, with the standard in-ear bud model costing £21.95 and the over-the-ear hook costing £27.45.

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