Samsung readying its fifth Android phone

Samsung is working on another Android mobile phone, revealed to the public because it has just, successfully, completed tests for its use with Wi-Fi or, more formally, its Wi-Fi interoperability certification.


The new handset is, says observers, to be known as the Saturn i6500 and will follow four other designs which also support the Android operating system: the Galaxy i7500 and Spica i5700 plus the US-centric Moment and Behold II.


Very few details, apart from its support of Wi-Fi, are known about the new design, at the moment, but there are rumours that it will be based upon a swift 800Mhz processor rather than the standard 528Mhz model that many other Android phones appear to be adopting, according to the Talk Android website. At the moment, reports say that the phone is being developed running Android 1.5. However, many observers believe that, upon release, the Saturn will feature Android 2.0 as standard.


Expect a 2010 release and a price around €300. No distribution details have yet emerged.


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