HTC's new Virtual Book UI

HTC is working on a next generation user interface which it is describing as Virtual Book.


The fashion for creating targeted unique interfaces is becoming more prevalent. We've had the TouchWiz from Samsung, Maemo from Nokia and the panels from Sony Ericsson, as well as HTC's own TouchFlo 3D, according to the Unwired website.


According to HTC, the new Virtual Book development, "...organizes applications, widgets, and web pages into pages of a virtual book. Each page of the virtual book is the UI of a service or function of the handheld electronic device. Flipping the pages of the virtual book means browsing and selecting the services and functions provided by the handheld electronic device. This book-like UI enables the user to use and manage these applications, widgets and web pages in an easy and intuitive way like browsing a conventional printed book. The book-like UI hides the differences among applications, widgets, and web pages so that the handheld electronic device can be accessed through a uniform and convenient UI."


There is no word on any release date yet, however.


Click to read the Unwired story


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