Motorola to launch over 20 new smartphones in 2010

After recently announcing the release of its DEXT phone, Motorola has declared that it intends to release upwards of 20 new smartphones during 2010. 


In a recent statement by Motorola's CEO, Sanjay Jha, during the press announcement of the release of the US-centric Droid mobile phone, Sanjay initially stated that the number of new smartphones would be in "multiple tens", before clarifying that at least 20 would be released, according to the Gearlog website.


One question that remains unanswered is what operating system will the new smartphones run upon? We have already been told by the company that it has no plans to release handsets based upon Microsoft's new Windows Mobile 6.5 but that the next version, Windows 7, will be an OS that will attract Motorola's attention. However, with some observers believing that the next Windows Mobile OS won't be released until the fourth quarter of 2010, next year could be a dominant one for Google's Android.


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