Huawei to release new Android phone?

Reports have reached us that Huawei is about to announce a new mobile phone that will be based upon the Android operating system (which version, is unknown, however) and will arrive with a QWERTY keyboard. Interest in the Huawei outfit has risen of late after the company created a handset for T-Mobile that is currently known as the T-Mobile Pulse.


Now the company is reportedly due to announce another model which some observers recognise as the G6600. There are few definite details known about the new design apart from the fact that a QWERTY keyboard is thought to be featured along with the tell-tale Android Home button.


Thought to be a low-priced phone, supporting just GSM/GPRS connectivity, the new phone will apparently include MMS and Bluetooth for wireless connection of accessories such as a headset, according to the Bluetooth SIG website.


Expect a European release. However, no price details or release date information is forthcoming at the moment.


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