Blackberry Watch now on pre-order

The new Blackberry Watch, first mooted and revealed here a week ago, is now officially available for pre-order.


The new watch is not strictly a phone in the same way that the LG GD910 is a fully functional handset. The Blackberry device is more of an adjunct to an existing Blackberry handset. A Bluetooth device, the new Blackberry Watch provides you with constant alerts relating to new calls, emails and messages that have appeared on your Blackberry phone.


Built, in fact, by a company called Allerta - not Research in Motion - the new watch will be known as the InPulse and will work best with operating systems from version 4.3 and upwards, according to the Phone Arena website.


The new device features an excellent quality OLED screens spanning 1.3in. It features a battery that will last a total of four days, on average.


The company is offering the InPulse on pre-order here but only to the USA and Canada, at the moment. A final price of $149 has been set along with a release date of February 2010. We will provide more information about European availability as soon as we receive news.


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