HTC confirms Android 2.0 adoption

HTC has confirmed that it is developing new mobile phones based upon the new, upcoming version of Android, version 2.0 - also known as Éclair.


The announcement that HTC is ploughing on with new Android handsets is, of course, welcome news. However, according to the Gearlog website, there is a growing feeling around the industry that Google's open platform is more open to some companies than others, especially when you consider that Samsung features phones with version 1.5 of the OS, Motorola currently includes phones with version 1.6 and a new Motorola phone, Droid (a USA-only phone release featuring a 3.7in touchscreen), will appear today, according to observers, with version 2.0. Despite the fact that Google has yet to announce the OS or an attendant SDK. Samsung, meanwhile, has provided no indication that it even has a copy of version 2.0 to utilise with new and future phones or if an upgrade is in the offing for current handsets.


Does Google have its development favourites? With a gaggle of OS versions simultaneously occupying the market, is Google truly as open as the company declares? Surely, the company needs to sort out the confusion, otherwise its 'open' platform will risk becoming less attractive.


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