iPhone App Store hits the big 100,000

Bring on your Ocarinas, your Shrek Karts, your fart apps. Several analytics sites are reporting that the number of apps in Apple’s App Store is now over 100,000.


According to Mobile Entertainment, Apple hasn’t actually announced it yet, but no doubt a milestone of this magnitude will be trumpeted, and loudly. Third party analyst site AppShopper puts Apple's approved apps at 101,561 with 92,872 currently available on the App Store, while Mobclix, clocks available iPhone apps at 103,295.


It’s far surpassed the app store for all other mobile operating systems on the market, though Android Marketplace is making a fair go at catching up. Still, where else are the most pointless apps downloaded probably as often as the most useless ones? Apple’s got us by the short and curlies, and the fanboys love it.


The App Store recently passed two billion downloads, just over a year after it launched.

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