Wireless Powermat Phone Charger gets on sale date

Consumers will soon be able to charge their handsets without the need of plugging them in. The Powermat can be laid down on any flat surface and then up to four devices can be simply laid on it to begin charging. Ok so the mat itself is plugged in but it's certainly a novel way of reducing the number of cables and leads that can be such a burden. In a move that will please green thinkers, the Powermat will instantly cut off power as soon as a device is removed from the surface thus saving on electricity.


The Powermat is currently available for the iPhone, iPods, BlackBerry and Nintendo DS Lite and DSi devices, though Consumers can also purchase the Powermat Powercube which comes with eight unique tips including mini USB to connect to additional devices such as Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson and LG handsets as well as Sony PSP consoles via a miniUSB. There's also a portable version which can be folded up into a box, called the Powermat Portable.


The Powermat will be available for £69.99, while the portable version will cost you £79.99. The Powercube including eight tips will cost you £29.99.
Click here to watch our vide demo of the Powermat in action.

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