Christian Dior mobile phones for December release

We've just seen the new luxury design via Mobiado, now Christian Dior, the famous French fashion house, has announced the forthcoming launch of a range of mobile phones for release during this December.


The new luxury designs, say reports, will all be based upon a clamshell form factor, the same approach taken for the company's first foray into the mobile phones market, via the Dior Mini.


According to the Just Luxe website, there appears to be five phones slated for release before Christmas. However, it's unknown, at this time, if they are, in fact, separate designs or variations on a single theme, based on the same set of specifications - which have yet to be released -  with the only differences pertaining to the outer decoration.


The phone pictured in red is known as the Zelie (£4,900) while the white is to be known as the Zenaide (£8,100) - both arrive covered in diamonds. The Naicre (£5,300) handset - seen at the bottom of the accompanying image - will arrive within a mother of pearl casing. Two other, un-named, designs (top) will be gold-plated and will be covered with sapphire crystals (£3,900 each).


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