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The Android Marketplace has been on the up and up since Google first launched its open-source OS. Now we’re seeing games for Android that could more or less stand up to the iPhone, still the gaming phone to outstrip. The top five at Mobile Choice:


1 Buka (Hexage)
A puzzle game making use of the touch-screen - help Buka, a sphere with some serious explosive weapons up her sleeve, find her way home, by repeatedly tapping the screen to blast obstacles and dangers to pieces.


2 Softrace (Softrace)
OK, here you actually run in real life, but the GPS and Google Maps on your Android phone tracks your time and distance, and compares you to other runners all over the world. You can actually compete in real time, or simply compare scores.


3 Mystery Castle 2 (Runestone Games)
As Monty the Wizard, you'll solve puzzles as you wind your way through an increasingly fiendish 50-room castle to rid it of its vampire overlord.


4 The Gube (Anton Spaans)
Yes, the nerds have won - this is a virtual Rubik's Cube which you twist and turn by swiping up, down, left and right on the touch-screen. Bonus: the digital timer and ability to undo up to your last 100 moves.


5 Battle for Mars (Larva Labs)
War! Shooting! Blood! But on Mars! Beat back the locals in this simple strategy game by plotting the best positions to put your troops.


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