Google to release its own Android phone?

Reports have emerged that Google is preparing to storm the Android market with a phone of its own and branded under the Google banner, according to The Street website.


We have become rather used to Android phones emerging onto the market but, to date, complete with logos from the likes of HTC, Samsung and the like. This would be the first time that Google has entered the Android market in its own right and it's interesting to speculate why and why now? Granted, the new design will not be created by Google itself - it will, more than likely, be manufactured by a company already used to launching new Android product, like HTC - but a more visual presence in the market is obviously thought necessary by Google. Will the new Google phone (or phones) serve as a testing ground for new and future technologies? A method of pushing the Android market faster than its already moving? Or does it just reveal Google's need to satisfy its ego? We will see.


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