Top 10 most useful iPhone apps

UPDATE: Check out our newly compiled list of the top ten essential iPhone apps.


iPhone owners. They love blowing into their little piece of gadgety heaven to make a flutey noise, but get outraged at an app that tests their prowess at holding down a button, as long as possible. (Not that we think it sounds awesome either, but hey, these people read the app summary, then downloaded the app. Don't blame the app.)


Anyway, has just published the results of a survey they did, of 987 website vistors who owned iPhones, incidentally the consumer gadget of the year at a whole bunch of awards (including ours). The question - most useful, and most pointless iPhone apps?


The popular iPhone applications
83% of users rated Ocarina tops, with Facebook and Google Earth pacing a reasonable second and third place. We personally love Bump, which lets two iPhones exchange contact info when their owners 'bump' the two together. God, it's almost too cute.


In order of usefulness:


1 Ocarina
2 Facebook
3 Google Earth
4 Tweetie 2
5 Print and Share
6 Skype
7 Quickoffice Mobile Office Suite
8 Bump
9 Brushes
10 Shrek Kart


The unpopular iPhones
So 57% of iPhone users found button-holding app 'Hold On' 'not fun and slightly pointless'. But just slightly. Earthquake severity measure app Seismometer wasn't very popular either, with three in five people agreeing that if they where unfortunate enough to be experiencing an earthquake, the first priority would be survival. Can't argue there.


In order of pointlessness:


1 Hold on!
2 Mood Glow
3 Seismometer
4 R U Drunk?
5 Proposal
6 UK Payphone
7 Contraction Calculator
8 eShaver
9 Cold Beer Calculator
10 iLunch Picker

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