Make friends with BlackBerry Messenger's barcode scanner

RIM has updated their BlackBerry Messenger service to include a novel way of exchanging contact details. Instead of manually entering a person's name and address, BlackBerry users will be able to scan a 2D barcode found in each individuals contacts page with the aid of their camera. By scanning that persons unique barcode that person will in turn receive their information, adding them to their list of BlackBerry Messenger contacts. The service is available now to all BlackBerry users who have a handset that operates on BlackBerry Device Software v4.5 or higher such as the newly announced BlackBerry Bold 9700.


Another new addition to RIM's instant messaging service is the ability to alert all your contacts to your location in live time even when abroad. By changing your location and time zone, your position will be fed to all your BlackBerry Messenger contacts.


BlackBerry Messenger already enables you to create a personal display picture, change your status and share pictures, videos and voice notes with all of your contacts. 

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