BlackBerry OS 5.0: What's new?

We brought you a hands-on look at the new BlackBerry Storm2 last week, but didn't get a chance to dive into RIM's new operating system, which launches with the Storm2.

Here's what we'll be getting with the new OS, at version 5.0:


Widget support. Finally, support for Gears and SQLite in OS 5.0 means BlackBerry widgets (not that there are any yet). Developers interested in building some can download a beat of the BlackBerry Widget SDK here.


Richer apps with better integration. Update to the Java API means we'll see apps with deeper integration, including access to multiple phone lines and contact lists.


Beefed up camera and video. Yes, the camera's never been much to shout about - now we'll see zoom and focus, plus embedded video capture and streaming.


Super customisable user interface. Well, at least for a 'Berry - you can adjust layout, install and use custom fonts, add sub-menus and customise menu look and feel too.


Better web. 5.0 pumps up the BlackBerry Browser for faster, better page rendering and JavaScript/CSS reading.



BlackBerry OS 5.0 launches with the Storm 2, but will also be available to download for the Storm, Bold 9000, Tour 9630, Curve 8900, Curve 8350i, and Curve 8520.


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