Blackberry mobile watch spotted

We've already seen examples from LG and Kempler & Strauss and now the numerous rumours relating to a new Blackberry mobile watch appear to be true. In fact, the Crackberry website has managed to secure two images of the device which, it appears, is still under development.


The new device, which has been given a name of the Blackberry inPulse, is, according to sources, not actually made by RIM and will not, in fact, bear a Blackberry logo. However, the device is being created especially for use with Blackberry mobile phones.


The aim of the watch is not to replace your Blackberry phone but to act as a visual reminder. Hence, if you are driving, in a meeting or are unable to reach your Blackberry phone, the watch will tell you who has tried to call and what text messages are waiting. You will be able to tell, by looking at the watch, if those contacts need addressing now or if they can wait.


There are no price, release or distribution details as yet but we do know that the device will feature an OLED screen.


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