Nokia's Comes With Music - failing?

The official take-up figures for Nokia's music service, Comes With Music, have been released and, to the surprise of many observers, those numbers are not high. In fact, only just over 100,000 users have adopted the service to date throughout the nine targeted  territories. Those figures in full are:

  • UK - 32,728 users (October 2008)
  • Singapore - 19,318 users (February 2009)
  • Australia - 23,003 users (March 2009)
  • Brazil - 10,809 users (April 2009)
  • Sweden - 1,101 users (April 2009)
  • Italy - 691 users (April 2009)
  • Mexico - 16,344 users (May 2009)
  • Germany - 2,673 users (May 2009)
  • Switzerland - 560 users (June 2009)


A Nokia spokesman commented to the Music Alley website, "Comes With Music has been a live service for 12 months in the UK and over the last eight months, has also gone live in 11 other countries. This is a very fast rollout for a service of its kind, especially when you consider the music is a mix of global and local content for each location. In terms of innovation, Comes With Music is a significant shift for both consumers and the industry alike".


It will be interesting to see what success the forthcoming Spotify service, which is about to come to mobile platforms, will have. Especially, as it already has six million subscribers.


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