Jabra?s talkative Bluetooth car-kit

Driving can be a lonely business, what with no one to talk to. So why not while away those tiresome drives with the Jabra Cruiser, a Bluetooth car-kit that will make voice announcements as well as streaming your music from your mobile phone. Ok so the conversation might be somewhat limited, but each time you receive a call while driving, the Cruiser will read out the name of the person calling you. If they're not in your address book then they will simply read out the phone number. The Jabra Cruiser will also talk you through the pairing process as well as letting you know the battery and connectivity statuses.


Using the same Dual Microphone technology that Jabra uses in their Bluetooth headsets, the manufacturer promises a near perfect call quality with both background noise and echo cancelled out. Users will also be able to play any music stored on their mobile through the Cruiser leaving them to concentrate on their driving.


The Jabra Cruiser will be available before the end of the year with a recommended retail price of £99.00.

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