Sony Ericsson readying rugged mobile phones

Sony Ericsson is working on two new mobile phone designs which promise to be both rugged and waterproof.


At the moment, the new phones are being described as the Sony Ericsson Sunny and the Sony Ericsson Susan - although, observers say that these are merely codenames. The highlight of each phone, apart from their rugged natures and their waterproof capabilities, is that both sport a 5-megapixel camera. However, neither phone will be positioned within the Cyber-shot series of handsets, such as the latest C702, according to the Esato website, which is both rugged and part of the Cybershot family.


While the Sony Ericsson Sunny is based upon a sliding form factor and resembles the T715 handset, the Sony Ericsson Susan sits within a candybar chassis and includes, intriguingly, a Home button - similar to that found on Android handsets. It is not thought that the new phone will support the Android operating system, however.


There are no release, price or distribution details available yet.


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