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We're not just looking for sheer awesome when it comes to the Phone of the Year. Well, OK, we mainly are. But in addition to top end internet, media and sat nav specs, we're also looking at ease of use, value for money, and that extra bit of market-changing innovation that makes you wonder why all phones aren't like this already. We think our winner has all this in spades


If you're going to buy one phone this year, this should be it. Hell, if you want a sat nav, handheld console or feeds of all your social networks, then this phone is still it. The HTC Hero is the first phone in the UK to take on the iPhone with any seriousness, and we think it does a masterful job. It's only one of six phones to run on Google's open source operating system (OS) Android, and great software coupled with the nicest chassis we've seen from HTC yet, makes the HTC Hero a deserving winner. Full review.


UPDATE: The HTC Hero will receive a free upgrade to Android 2.0 when the update is available - think multi-touch, enhanced UI and more integrated social networking/messaging.


UPDATE 2: Gloves off, who's the real iPhone killer? We stack the HTC Hero up to another five star phone, the Palm Pre.

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