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In 2009, eight-megapixel cam-phones have become the norm and elite manufacturers are now battling it out in the 12-megapixel arena. Our shortlisted camera phones boast as many megapixels as professional SLR cameras and point-and-shoots, so we've rated how they stack up in terms of speed and handling. In fact, our guest judge and pro photographer Stefan Klenke even graded them against full featured, dedicated cameras, and Samsung's Pixon 12 stood head and shoulders above the rest.


The world's first 12-megapixel camera phone won, not because of its whopping number of megapixels, but because it rocked almost the complete package. With a great camera feel, best image quality, and powerful action, macro and flash features, the Samsung Pixon 12 soars above the competition. A great, handy companion to capture those precious moments on the go - it may not be a pro yet in terms of zoom and low light no flash, but it's a respectable little camera apprentice. Full review.

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