Texas introduces new multimedia coprocessors

Texas Instruments, one of the world's largest semiconductor manufacturers, has revealed two new coprocessors that will be integrated within mobile phones of the future: the TI OMAP-DM515 and TI OMAP-DM525.


Both of the new coprocessors will enhance future mobile devices by adding accelerated imaging and video capabilities, allowing phones to include cutting-edge multimedia features.


According to the company, the chips will offer "Digital SLR-like imaging...with up to 20-megapixel capabilities and high-quality 720p HD video capture, 8-megapixel shot-to-shot performance, with 1.4 frames per second in high-quality mode and two frames per second in burst mode."


Other highlights include Perfect Moment technology that captures a series of shots, allowing you to select the best image in a series, Smart Lighting that compensates for backlit and low-light environments, Face Tracking that identifies, recognizes and focuses on faces, Auto Scene Detector that determines appropriate settings based on environment, a video noise filter and advanced motion-triggered image stability.


The TI OMAP-DM515 is available now, while the TI OMAP-DM525 will enter production in 2010.


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