Zeemote gaming controller?s capabilities expanded

Zeemote's V3 Bluetooth Controller is now far more equipped than just aiding you in your gaming experience. The joystick style controller can now be used to navigate around your phone menus, access and surf the web, control the onboard camera or access your music player. Compatible with nearly all Sony Ericsson handsets, including the Yari, Aino, Satio and the green-friendly Naite, consumers will be able to hook their phone up to a TV and use the Zeemote controller remotely while viewing the content on the big screen.


As well as Sony Ericsson handsets, the Zeemote V3 Bluetooth Controller works with most BlackBerry, Nokia, Samsung and LG S60 devices. Previously available as part of a phone package, the Zeemote V3 will be available to buy separately before Christmas. Marketed as the "Ultimate Mobile Game Pack", it will include a Gameloft game activation code that enables users to choose from a host of gaming titles, including Asphalt 4 Elite Racing and Prince of Persia.

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