Palm Pixi - GSM version appears

Previously only seen in its CDMA version, the Palm Pixi has been spotted in a more Euro-friendly GSM guise.


The new design, which is effectively a cut down, Pre, is now visible as a GSM handset. Spotted in Vietnam, the WebOS-powered mobile phone features an EDGE network facility. It is unknown if 3G is included at this point. Unlike the 8GB CDMA version, the highlighted GSM sample only carries 4GB of RAM. Again, this may change before the final release. Other features include a 320 x 400 pixel screen, a 3.5mm headphone socket and a 2-megapixel camera, according to the Engadget website. A 2010 release date is likely.


Social networking is at the heart of the Palm Pixi with integrated Facebook, which has been updated to enable you to see and comment on any updates from friends as well as update your own status. Palm's Synergy tool also enables users to continue instant messaging conversations via text with all the information viewed in a one chat-style thread.


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