New Toshiba TG01 on WinMo 6.5

You may remember the behemoth Toshiba TG01 tipped to be the superman of smartphones with a 1Ghz (i.e,. hella fast) processor, 4.1-inch screen and mere 9.9mm in thickness.


It didn't exactly set us or anyone else on fire, thanks to massive lags and constant interface freezes, but now Toshiba are re-releasing the phone with a new Windows Mobile 6.5 operating system, which launched today.


Originally on Windows Mobile 6.1, the TG01 is available today with the new OS, while anyone who purchased it previously will be entitled to a free upgrade at the Toshiba site. 


WinMo 6.5 boasts a new icon-heavy, finger friendly interface, and pushes more information like new texts, calls and emails straight to homescreen. Is this enough to smooth out one of the most notoriously clunky operating systems around, as well as fix a massively freezing smartphone? Review update soon.

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