Flash for the iPhone? Well...

Adobe has just announced, at the Adobe MAX 2009 show, that not only is Flash to become available - via Apps - but that Flash is already available on the iphone, to a limited degree.


The Apple iPhone, along with the majority of handsets currently available, will not be able to access Flash 10.1, nor will users be able to enjoy full web-related Flash support. However, developers will be able to create apps that feature Flash within by using Flash Professional CS5 via ActionScript - a beta that will be available this year. You can sign up here to be notified.


According to Adobe: 'The new support for iPhone applications in the Flash Platform tooling will not allow iPhone users to browse web content built with Flash technology, but it may allow developers to repackage existing web content as applications for the iPhone if they choose to do so.'


Apps are already available in the App Store with Flash content, using a pre-release version of the software. Check Adobe's site for more details.


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