O2 testing LTE in the UK

Following its Shazam deal, the UK mobile carrier, O2, has revealed that it is undergoing testing of the new, next generation data transfer protocol, LTE, in the UK.


LTE, also known as Long Term Evolution, is the effective next step towards the adoption of 4G, the next generation leap upwards from the current leader in data transfer technology, 3G. In addition to a host of manufacturers examing the technology, such as LG, there are, currently, practical trials occuring in six countries under the Telefonica banner (O2 being its representative in the UK).


"At Telefónica we are working with the conviction that we can only offer our clients the maximum levels of quality and innovation. To do this, we are defining our strategy and the rollout of LTE with the objective of driving mobile broadband and offering the best service from the moment that the equipment and terminals can support the new standards and are available for sale", declared Julio Linares, COO of Telefónica.


With LTE, it is hoped that the technology will reach possible speeds of 340Mbps.


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