Android 1.6 Donut now released

T-Mobile has confirmed that over-the-air updates of the Android operating system, version 1.6 but known by many people as 'Donut' (and which will succeed Cupcake), have now begun to be issued.


The new version of the Android operating system improves upon several areas of the current version including Android Market, enhancing the navigation aspects to and in this service plus an integrated camera, camcorder and gallery interface.


Voice Search has now been improved so that, in use, it responds quicker. This search option is also better integrated with the applications on your phone making the utility more efficient - it also includes the ability to dial contacts, according to the Mobile Crunch website.


Speaking of searching, the general search option has also been updated making it easier to search a variety of areas including the browser, bookmarks, history, your contacts area and the web itself. You will also be able to do this directly from the homescreen.


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