LG leaks early details of new handsets

LG has revealed a new road-map for its next batch of mobile phone releases that will take place during the first quarter of 2010.


The details of the release schedule are understandably sketchy, at the moment. However, there are a variety of speculations that can be made, at this time, according to the BGR website. Firstly, LG mentions the release of both the LG Wine 2 and LG Wine Junior that includes improved cameras and updated design whilst retaining notable features like larger keys.


The LG Stage replete with S-Class UI, full touchscreen and a high end design looks like it may replace the Arena while the LG Goya sounds like it has targeted the Renoir. The LG Mini is the mystery of the pack. Nothing is known about the new design but it might be a cut down version of a current design.


Two other handsets, the LG Sweet and LG Cookie2 will target the budget area. The latter replacing the Cookie while the Sweet being positioned between the Cookie2 and the Stage. Finally, the LG GX200 will be basic phone with basic features.


We'll provide more details when we have them.


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