Palm releases upgraded webOS

Palm has just released the latest version of its operating system for the Pre mobile phone, webOS. The latest release has now reached version 1.2 and is available as an automatic update, according to the Palm Blog website.


The Palm Pre might not yet have reached the UK shores but, when it does, you can be sure that version 1.2 of the built in operating system, webOS, will be available to all.


Improvements include an easier method to buy Pre apps. This can now be done by entering your credit card details into the Preferences & Accounts menu. Once done, you will be able to quickly purchase your apps from Palm's App Catalog. As a bonus, if you have already purchased an app but then deleted it, you will be able to download the app again and reinstall it for free.


Other updates include Amazon MP3 downloads via Wi-Fi, enhanced email filtering, LinkedIn contact syncing, cut & past web emails and pages and more.


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