Samsung to launch entry level 3G mobile

Samsung is working on the upcoming release of a new, entry level mobile phone but, unlike the E2120 and T239, this one will also support 3G.


The new mobile phone from Samsung will be known as the C5130 and will arrive within a slider chassis. Despite the addition of a fast data transfer facility via the included 3G add-on (as well as GSM / EDGE), the phone will include a range of basic features including a 2in screen packing in 176 x 144 pixels that squeezes in 262k colours. Other features will include Bluetooth 2.0 to attach accessories wirelessly such as a headset device. A music player and FM radio will be included for entertainment purposes while a built in camera will only support a lowly 1.3-megapixel camera. The basic internal memory will be able to be boosted via a microSD port, according to the Mobile Whack website.


While the price of the phone should be low there is no reported figure and , as yet, no distribution schedule has yet been mooted.


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