Vodafone back in the game?

Vodafone's announcement that it will begin selling the iPhone 3GS in early 2010 is set to cause major ripples across the network ocean. Until yesterday O2 had been the only operator to sell the Apple iPhone exclusively. Then came Orange's announcement that they were getting a piece of the pie by selling both the iPhone 3G and 3GS before the end of the year. Orange has recently re-established themselves as a force to be reckoned with following news of a merger with T-Mobile, a move that many have argued firmly pushes Vodafone back into third place in the operator stakes. However, this latest move suggests Vodafone are actively looking to establish themselves as a major player once again.


This can only mean good news for consumers. Speculation is rife that the iPhone 3GS will cost a whole £100 cheaper than its current price when Vodafone begins selling the phone, a move that is surely going to be an attractive proposition to potential customers. Indeed Neil McHugh MD of mobile phone price comparison site Rightmobilephone.co.uk, commented; "Orange has already suggested lower pricing for their pre Christmas launch of the handset and no doubt Vodafone will follow suit in early 2010."


Vodafone enjoyed mediocre success with the exclusive HTC Magic, Google's second Android phone, but this move to secure the iPhone could prove their smartest bit of business yet and is sure to get their customers drooling.

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