APP WATCH: Orange launches social music experiment

Not content with exclusive rights to Motorola's comeback phone, or the world's first watch-phone, Orange is getting in on the ole apps game with The Sound of Orange RockCorps, a music remixer that lets you cover popular songs by recording your own voice into a mobile phone or PC mic. And that all-important social networking element? You'll be able to jointly work on tracks by sharing them on Facebook, and when the track is done, post a link to it on blogs and websites.


Remixed tracks are hosted at The Sound of Orange RockCorps site, which will be updated every month to include new tracks, and a top performers esction where the best tracks are showcased.


But it's not just so you can have fun recording your reedy pipes. The app is also meant to raise awareness for Orange RockCorps, a volunteer programme that rewards volunteers for their time with concert tickets. Not too shabby huh? We wish our flatmates would bribe, uh, reward, us for doing the dishes with concert tickets.


More info here.

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