Free Skype calls on any 3G handset

Today sees the launch of 3's revolutionary, not to mention appealing free Skype SIM card. Until today the offer was only open to customers of the operator, but now as long as you have a compatible unlocked 3G handset anyone can insert the Skype SIM into the phone and enjoy calls or send instant messages to other Skype users anywhere in the world, without spending a penny. It affectively works in the same way as Skype does on a PC or Mac.


Customers need to simply log onto 3's UK website and apply for one of the free Skype SIMS - you'll also be given a second one to give to a friend or family member too. You'll then need to download Skype to your phone before you're good to go and can get yapping to a cousin in Australia, or a friend in the States. With no hidden costs we can only presume that 3 is hoping customers will become so dismayed with having to change from their 3 Skype SIM to their usual SIM when wanting to make standard cards that they will opt to simply stick with the 3 Skype one which will of course incur a regular charge when calling mobiles and landlines. Either way it seems a great offer. Nice one 3.


Click here to read our FAQ on the 3 Skype SIM card.

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