Vertu preparing new luxury phone

After announcing its Carbon Fibre range, Vertu is to release a new luxury phone to add to its Constellation range. However, despite the history of candybar designs offered by the company, the new handset will be based upon a clamshell form factor - a first for the company.


The new phone will be known as the Vertu Constellation F and will, not surprisingly, be constructed from a range of top quality and expensive materials including stainless steel, gold and leather. In addition to the first design, the Constellation F will feature other new introductions for Vertu including GPS, for location finding and HSDPA for fast data transfer, according to the Ubergizmo website.


Other features will include a 2.4in screen packing in 320 x 480 pixels and 16 million colours, a 1.36in external display that features 128 x 160 pixels plus a 3-megapixel camera, built-in, along with a LED flash. You also get 8GB of internal memory and quad-band GSM connectivity.


Expect an Autumn release. No price has yet been revealed but it'll be high.


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