Blackberry mobile phone trio - new details

No sooner has specifications been released on the new Blackberry Onyx then information on three new mobile phones from Blackberry has been leaked onto the Internet. The new designs are currently known as the Blackberry Essex, Blackberry Striker 9100 and Blackberry Curve 8530.


Very little is known of the three new designs. However, what is known is that the Essex is believed to be the Tour 2. It reportedly includes a 3G facility for fast data transfer plus Wi-Fi for wireless connection to the Internet. The interface features a trackpad.


The Blackberry Striker 9100 is apparently slimmer than the new Bold 2 mobile (also known as the 9700). It will also arrive with a trackpad plus a 3G facility, according to the Cool Guy Report website.


Finally, the Blackberry Curve 8530 is believed to be a CDMA variant of the 8520. However, there are no further details available.


Observers say that this list is merely the tip of the iceberg with a total of 16 devices appearing during 2010 from the company.


No release details were available.


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