Google announces Fast Flip

Now that Voice and Adsense are underway, Google has announced a new service called Fast Flip that will be targeted towards users of Android and iPhone mobile phones.


The service has been created to allow you to examine media-rich pages of information quickly and easily - in fact, with a mere swipe of your finger. You can also browse through headlines or a range of news stories, search for the topics you're interested in, share articles via email and so on.


The developers of the Fast Flip service declared that, "To get more information or view an entire article, simply tap on the screen. Searching for a specific topic lets you make your own 'magazine'. Fast Flip makes sharing articles easy as well. To send an article to someone, simply tap on the 'Email' link in the upper right."


To try it out, point your mobile browser to The service also works on the iPod Touch device.


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