Samsung high-end handset set for London launch

Samsung is reportedly preparing to launch a high-end mobile phone, to accompany the Galaxy i7500, that will, this time, include a Li-Mo operating system. The launch will apparently take place in London on September 24th.


According to the BGR website, the new phone's name has yet to be revealed although some observers are labelling it as the Samsung Riedel i8305. Reports suggest that a handset answering to that name was recently awarded its Wi-Fi Interoperability Certificate. The rumoured LiMo OS is linked to the much talked about Samsung, in-house, operating system based upon Linux.


Supposed features for the new design include an AMOLED touchscreen with haptic feedback plus a built in camera with a high specification of 8-megapixels.


A final release date and price will, hopefully, be revealed during the launch on September 24th where it is also expected that Vodafone will be confirmed as the initial supplier of the handset and will include its new Vodafone People service that integrates popular social netwokring services such as Facebook and Twitter.


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