APP WATCH: Facebook for Android

Google and Facebook have had their issues, so it's not too surprising it's taken this long for an official Facebook app to be released for handsets running on Google's mobile operating system, Android.


It's a little bit laggy and doesn't have the full functionality of its counterpart on the iPhone, but it looks just right and is very close to how it's viewed on desktop. You can upload photos, comment on and 'like' posts, write on walls and update your status. However, there a couple of small glitches - when you click on a wall exchange to see someone's profile, you're taken to their personal info rather than their wall, and tapping on a photo link in a wall takes you out of the app and into your browser, which can be frustrating.


Some Android-specific features include shaking the phone to refresh your news feed and the ability to put an auto-updating widget on your home screen, which adds a little something to what is otherwise a very simple and straightforward app.

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