Nokia X6 - cut down version for 2010

Nokia is reportedly working on a cut down version of the X6 mobile phone that will drop the Comes With Music facility to reduce the overall price.


The new Nokia X6 has only just been announced to the world in last week's Nokia World 09 show in Stuttgart, Germany but Nokia is already looking to reissue the design. The sticking point, apparently, is cost and the fact that, if you want to buy the new X6 'as is', you have to also purchase the Comes With Music service subscription too. The new, cut down, version of the X6 drops the Comes With Music option but also reduces the internal memory: down fom 32GB to 16GB, according to the Intomobile website.


The current specification of the X6 will be available to UK buyers on November 12th of this year for £529.99 while the reissued X6 will be available, in the UK, on February 24th, 2010 for a cheaper £344.99.


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