Samsung reveals new eco-phone

Samsung has unveiled a new, eco friendly, mobile phone to join the likes of the Reclaim and S3030 utilising recycled materials and including green features.


The new handset, to be known as the Samsung S5500E Lydford, has been created out of recycled materials and is sold sitting within recycled paper. The Lydford doesn't just rely on these green credentials, however, it goes further. The new design also includes a built in alarm to alert you when your battery is full so that you don't waste electricity, according to the Samsung Hub website. After all, once full, this handset, like any other, will merely drain your electricity supply slowly but surely if left connected to the mains supply.


Supporting features within this new slider include a 2.2in display with a QVGA resolution, HSDPA for fast data transfer of text, video and music plus a built in camera of a decent, 3-megapixel, resolution.


There are no price or distribution details available.


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