Samsung Omnia family to launch 'imminently'

Remember the new Samsung Omnia smartphones? We just saw some real models at last night's Carphone Warehouse Christmas show (yes, already) and according to a Samsung spokesperson, all three - the Omnia 2, Omnia Pro and Omnia Lite - will be out 'imminently'.


All three run on Windows Mobile 6.1 but for the first time in Samsung's relationship with ol' WinMo, the operating system is skinned with Samsung's TouchWiz widget-based interface, making for a much more intuitive and finger friendly interface. We had a go on the QWERTY touch-screen slider Omnia Pro and Omnia 2 (an iPhone competitor if we were to believe Samsung's oblique references to 'another tablet-style device I can't name'), and found it to be one of the best integrations with Windows Mobile we've tried.


Meanwhile, the Lite was out of commission at the event, but it's the lowest spec of the three (click here for full specs on all), with no AMOLED screen, but a simple TFT touch display and three-meg cam with no video recording. All three handsets will be upgradeable to Windows Mobile 6.5 when it finally launches.

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