News From The East: Samsung reveals Giorgio Armani phone

Samsung has announced the much expected Giorgio Armani mobile phone.


The new style handset has been much rumoured and was expected, by many, to be based upon Microsoft's Windows Mobile operating system. This is now, reportedly, not the case.


The new Armani phone is to be known as the W8200 and is presented within a slider chassis. One of the most noticeable features, apart from the gold trim that gives the phone a sense of luxury is the 3.1in screen with a WVGA resolution. The touchscreen is based upon the latest AMOLED display technology for more vibrant colours. You also receive HSDPA for fast data transfers, T-DMB plus a video-calling camera. Bluetooth is also included for wireless connections to accessories such as headsets. A built in camera is also reportedely included with a good specification of 5-megapixels, according to the Samsung Hub website.


There are no price or distribution details for Europe, at the moment.


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