3 announces MiFi pricing details

3 has wasted no time in providing details of two pricing plans that its unique mobile Wi-Fi service will be available on. Announced at the beginning of August, the service known as MiFi enables users to create their own mobile Wi-Fi connection using a wireless modem. It means users will be able to enjoy Wi-Fi anywhere they find a 3 network signal.


The first plan is the 'Broadband 5GB 1 month', a one month contract which includes 5GB of data at a cost of £15 a month, while the wireless modem will cost you an additional £69.99.


If you're willing to pay an upfront charge of £99.99, then the 'Ready to Go' kit includes the wireless modem, 3GB worth of data that can be used over a three month period. Once this data has been used up, the modem can still be used on a Pay As You Go basis.


MiFi will be available via telesales and online at www.three.co.uk from Thursday 17 September and in 3 Stores across the country from Friday 18 September.

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