Motorola Murano receives official name

Already viewed and discussed by observers back in July, the eco-friendly Motorola A45 Murano has now been rechristened with an official designation.


The new mobile phone has now been labelled as the MOTOCUBO A45, reflecting Motorola's continuing penchant to shout about their phone names in ear-splitting capital letters. The design is noticeably green, just like the recently announced Samsung Reclaim and Sony Ericsson Greenheart. For example, 25% of the A45 is made out of recycled plastic bottles, while 70% of its total construction is recyclable, according to the Gadget Folder website.


Featuring a full QWERTY keyboard and a QVGA display, the handset offers Quad-band GSM / EDGE connectivity as well as direct access to utiliies such as Facebook and MySpace. Bluetooth is included to attach wireless accessories whilst entertainment is available via a MP3 player, FM radio plus pre-loaded games (ie: Spore and The Sims 2).


There is currently no price or European distribution information available.


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