Nokia to announce high-end phone?

Is Nokia about to announce a high-end mobile phone at its forthcoming Nokia World 09 show, that takes place next week in Stuttgart, Germany?


Yes, we know that Nokia is looking to showcase its N900 device but that is, to all intents and purposes, an Internet tablet with phone capabilities. No, what we're talking about here is Nokia's first serious attempt to tackle the iPhone, head to head - the N97 has singularly failed to do that job. To tackle the iPhone, Nokia is bringing in the big guns, its new, Linux-based, Maemo interface.


Speaking to the Reuters website, analyst, Tero Kuittinen from MKM Partners, said, "Maemo is clearly far more flexible than Symbian, so it's a better option for advanced devices using various display technologies and rapidly evolving user-interface software."


We know nothing else about the about the mooted new design, however. We will have to wait until the show opens to learn more.


Click to read the Reuters story


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